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Photo credit: Jill Greenberg; image used with permission; approval required for any outbound use of Seth Godin‘s name or image.

Promoting Seth Godin’s Blog

October 7, 2022

With the release of Be A Good Customer, I was able to promote a blog to which I subscribe.

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s excellent blog eponymously called Seth’s Blog ( It’s a daily nugget of wisdom up to and including “Aha!” moments (for the rest of us, at least!). Godin, an author, speaker and teacher does in his blog as a great comedian would in a stand-up routine. He transcends subject matter into what’s relatable….and then he has a message. Brilliant. His readers get to think about applicable and multi-disciplinary observations that resonate in ways we wouldn’t expect. Appropriate given the theme of this blogpost, Godin helped organize The Carbon Almanac: It’s Not Too Late, i.e. how to be a good customer of Planet Earth.

Activity-System Map Updated 5 Weeks Later

September 15, 2022

This blog’s latest Activity-System Map has been updated. Note how the graphic is more streamlined than last month’s edition, and that there are new activities and strategies incorporated. This means that the whole of the enterprise I’ve built is envisioned in a clearer way.

August 2022 Forecast Video Posted

August 31, 2022

My first publicly-available animated video is now available. And, it happens to be my forecast video – a recap of the past month, and a forecast for what’s to come.

Watch the video on my YouTube channel.

The Blog

Making sense of the workplace and improving others' careers.

  • Be A Good Customer

    Be A Good Customer

    What is a good customer beyond a perpetual, loyal transactor? What’s beyond the transaction? A choice to become a good customer brings otherwise undiscoverable benefits to everyone involved, including other customers and that business.

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  • Should


    “Never should on someone” was told to me about 10 years ago. It’s a reminder to never impose oneself unto another who is uncertain, because imposition or transcendence of one’s personal ambition unto another is a violation.

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  • Mapping Strategy

    Mapping Strategy

    Mapping strategy is depicting complex intentionality. In this post I explain what is strategy, the differences between planning, intent and strategy; and I discuss the prominence of uniqueness and interconnectedness in strategies. Of course, as the title suggests, I showcase how to map strategy and provide a few examples. One is the strategy I use for Danny Rehr’s Blog.

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