Danny Rehr’s Blog: The Newsletter

Danny Rehr’s Blog: The Newsletter is a weekly publication that lands right in your Inbox. Read or listen via built-in audio (my voice; no podcast). It’s purpose is behind-the-scenes content, news, and additional thoughts and/or material not covered in Danny Rehr’s Blog.

Danny Rehr’s Blog: The Newsletter is a podcast!

Exclusive weekly episodes are in one convenient place. Short and sweet, they preview upcoming content, how I’m supporting the ambitions of others, and other news.

Thanks to my newsletter and podcast platform provider, Substack.com.

From the first edition, dated 6-Aug-2022:

Danny Rehr’s Blog was originally conceived as an easy-going writing medium. I would hack away at posts in the same fashion as I have for 2+ years in my private daily work journal. There, content pours out of my fingers as fast as I can type. The blog, though, has turned into something far more intentional.

It’s the difference between game-time versus pickup ball.

I want that more laissez-faire feeling while not disrupting the blog. So…a laid-back newsletter.

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